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We are the Staffing Worker's Comp insurance experts you have been looking for!

Staffing Worker’s Comp Insurance

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Staffing Insurance – Pay-As-You-Go Liability & Worker’s Compensation

Many of our clients experience significant and immediate insurance cost savings for their business! We produce win/win relationships with all of our clients! Staffing Comp recognizes the unique exposures facing PEO and Staffing Firms. We have developed a special insurance program for streamlining quoting, underwriting and simplifying claims management.

  • Why Us?

    We are the Staffing and PEO Insurance Specialists you have been looking for!

  • Pay-As-You Go

    We Feature Specialized Pay As You Go Workers Comp Insurance Programs For Staffing Companies.

  • Custom Solutions

    We can focus your insurance needs like a laser at the latest worker’s comp markets.

  • Unique Strategies

    We specialize in staffing and understand how to maintain a long-term insurance program.

Staffing Workers Comp

Our Staffing Worker’s Comp Insurance program is cutting-edge and gives you the time and resources to focus on building your business.

A well planned insurance strategy is sure to simplify and expedite a Staffing Company’s bottom line. Our Staffing Worker’s Comp program frees up important operating capital and significantly reduces Temp Staffing Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs. Our team can also help you discover strategies for lowering your X-Mod rating. We will do the work for you in establishing a winning loss control program.
  • A-Rated Pay-As-You-Go Staffing Worker’s Comp Insurance
  • Guaranteed Cost Programs
  • Captive Loss Fund Management Programs
  • High Deductible Programs
  • ASO/ PEO Payroll Processing Model
  • Custom Solutions Tailored to the Client
Staffing Companies and PEO’s require specialized experience in order to minimize Workers’ Comp related losses. Your company will have access to our expert, Staffing Industry Risk Management team to help you understand exposures, prevent losses, manage claims, and control costs. We can also insure that your past payrolls and loss history are correctly reported to NCCI and Compline.

Staffing Insurance Quotes

Rather than simply calling you a client, we view your company as a partner. You will have access to our experience in the staffing industry and our experience in the worker’s compensation world.

Whether you are a broker looking to place a client, or you need insurance for your staffing company now, we are here to help. The Staffing Comp insurance program can get you a quote fast and securely. Get connected to us now and let’s get to work!

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