Staffing Insurance

Staffing Insurance – What You Need To Know

Staffing Insurance

Understanding why staffing insurance has may components vital to your company’s success can be a game changer.  Have you ever wondered why all that staffing insurance coverage is really necessary?  The good news is that our bundled program makes staffing insurance coverage both affordable and beneficial to your business.

We have done the homework to reduce your liability when things go wrong at your client site

Staffing General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance for staffing agencies covers damage to property and injury to people.

Any staffed employee you place on a job site could accidentally damage equipment, cause an accident or break something valuable. When a client goes after one of your staffed employees for compensation, you’re likely to be held responsible as well. Staffing firms covered under our liability program are protected from the financial fallout that could result. In fact, one of the key elements of this coverage is that the insurance company will retain the attorneys on your behalf to deal with the claim.

Staffing Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance for staffing firms is much like malpractice insurance for doctors. Also known as E&O insurance, it protects your staffed employees from liability arising from errors and omissions that you or your employees may make on the job. People make mistakes. Just as in liability insurance, the claims are covered and the insurance company will retain the attorneys on your behalf to deal with the claim.

Having professional liability insurance staffing company is common sense. Without it, your staffing company is liable for legal defense costs, and for settlement costs if a court finds your company at fault. A misunderstanding may be all it takes to get sued and you are already on the hook for attorney fees. Once a client alleges some form of negligence and communication breaks down, your legal expenses begin to grow quickly.

Staffing Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In some states, your client will be forced to cover you with its own worker’s compensation policy if you or your employees get injured on the job. Also, in some states, your client’s insurance carrier can bill your client for coverage for all subcontractors who don’t provide their own certificate of coverage. Both result in higher premiums for your client.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs as well as disability and compensation, should you or one of your staffed employees get hurt on the job. From carpal tunnel syndrome to a slippery restroom floor, any number of on-the-job hazards could jeopardize your employees’ health or take them away from their jobs. Staffing Worker’s Compensation coverage ensures that your employees are taken care of and saves your company from catastrophic losses.

Staffing Fidelity Bond Coverage

Often described as employee dishonesty coverage , this type of insurance compensates your client if you or your staffed employees steal money or property.