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Temporary Staffing Workers Comp Insurance Specialists

Staffing Comp understands the unique needs of Temporary Staffing Companies and the varying classification code system. The Temp Staffing industry often experiences difficulties in obtaining and maintaining affordable workers’ compensation coverage. PEO’s and temporary help businesses often have classification and audit disputes with their insurance carriers.

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Pay-As You Go Worker’s Comp

We can work out a custom solution to facilitate nearly any type of need or risk situation. Intelligent and immediate underwriting is possible for virtually any type of staffing.

staffing worker's comp

Staffing Workers Comp

We Feature Specialized Pay As You Go Workers Comp Programs For Staffing Companies. The Staffing Comp system simplifies the process for carriers and agencies to easily view and track payroll and premium data. This has created new possibilities for coverage; especially for Staffing and PEO Companies with coverage in Assigned Risk Pools and State Funds.

Easy Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Funding For Staffing Companies can Be tricky. We are experts at bring leverage to your staffing company and getting your cash flow moving immediately. Get connected to a team member and find out more about staffing payroll funding and factoring.

Loss Control & XMOD Repair

Staffing Companies and PEO’s require specialized experience in order to minimize Workers’ Comp related losses. Your company will have access to our expert, Staffing Industry Risk Management team to help you understand exposures, prevent losses, manage claims, and control costs. We can also insure that your past payrolls and loss history are correctly reported to NCCI and Compline.