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Easy Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Have our expert staff walk you through funding for your staffing or  temp firm. We can immediately bring an amazing leverage to your staffing company and get your cash flow moving immediately. Get connected to a team member and find out more about staffing payroll funding and factoring.

Staffing Workers Comp

Our Staffing Payroll Funding program is a cutting-edge leverage program that empowers you to focus on building your business.

Be ready to move on big clients quickly. A bank often can’t give you a credit decision fast enough for you to commit to compete for a staffing contract. Our program can get the money into your account right away so you can start paying employees immediately.
The staffing industry can be fluid. New clients can come while others are moving on to other things. Our program puts the resources you need into motion and allows you to accommodate changes as they happen. This can be a “game changer” when competing for clients.
You can focus on building your staffing business without the worry of paying employees. You will comfortably have access to super charging leverage that empowers you to use your energy building rather than holding things together.

Payroll Funding For Temp Staffing Companies

Staffing Funding Experts

Is your growth outpacing your borrowing ability? Are you being held back by a limited credit history? Securing reliable funding for a temp staffing firm can be challenging. Our program will not effect your credit or require equity from your business. Let’s gets things moving for you immediately!

Payroll Factoring For Temp Staffing Companies

Payroll factoring is a proven method for a staffing firm to get the cash it needs to pay for things now. In an industry in which you must often wait weeks or months after rendering service to be paid, factoring empowers your company to leverage your accounts receivable invoices to get cash up-front rather than waiting for clients to pay your invoices.

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We Help You Plug Cashflow Holes

Gaps In Cashflow

There can be a serious lag time between the time your staffed employees and vendors need to be paid and when your clients actually pay their invoices. Short-term loans or credit cards can be very expensive to adjust for this “float time.” If you are late paying such resources, the fees can be terrible.

Our programs can bring down the costs of expensive short-term credit and also give you the advantage of discounts from some vendors for early payment.

Clients With Bad Credit

If a customer files for bankruptcy, goes out of business, or refuses to or is unable to pay for your services, you are responsible to collect the money.  If you have leveraged the account through our program, then you do not have to expend the time, energy, and effort to go through the collection process.

Let’s talk soon and discuss what we can bring to your bucket of resources.

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